Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

When Your Lease Is Up This Is What You Need to Do to Get Your Lease Back

When you are moving out of a rent house or apartment, the last thing you want to do prior to leaving the house is to clean out the old place. But if you want your deposit back, it is something that needs to be done. In fact, if your place is only dirty on the surface and not damaged, cleaning it well will make sure you get your deposit back. Here is a good checklist of vacate cleaning before you leave.


  • Everywhere take all screws and nails out of the ceiling, walls and putty them smoothly leaving no hole;
  • Dust all the fixtures in the ceiling;
  • Dust all ledges;
  • Clean all the windows;
  • Clean all the doors, and doorknobs;
  • Clean all the light outlets and switches;
  • Clean baseboards and the walls;
  • Vacuum and get stains out of any carpet, or just get the carpet professionally clean;
  • Get rid of any and all cobwebs.


  • Get all scum from soap off the bathroom tub/shower, tiles and bleach the grout;
  • Clean the bathroom vanity and drawers, making certain you get all hair out – and remove any liners;
  • Clean the sink, toilet, countertop and finally sweep and mop the floor if the toilet seat is beyond help, change it;
  • Clean all the mirrors;
  • If the exhaust is dusty, vacuum out the surface.


  • Clean all cabinets out and take outliners;
  • Clean and wash the cabinet doors;
  • Disinfect and clean all countertops;
  • Clean as well as shine all the sinks and faucets;
  • Refrigerator scrubbed outside and out. Remove the shelves and clean separately if needed;
  • The oven needs to be scrub inside and out. Remove drip pans, shelving, and all burners – use steel wool;
  • If there is one, clean well the dishwasher;
  • If needed, clean the exhaust fan;
  • Pull out all appliances so you can sweep and mop behind them.

Bedrooms/Living Room

  • Sweep, dust, vacuum, and mop empty rooms.


  • Completely empty out and sweep.


If you are in or near the city of Perth and are at the end of your lease, you can always contact the cleaning company where you’ll get a complete cleaning service which makes it easier for your move. You will get a good price and a job that is well done.

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