Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

What Colour Should Your Living Room Be?

The living room is a centerpiece of the home. Your family congregates here to spend time together, make memories and celebrate. It is therefore essential that your living room is in sync with the design language in the rest of your home to uplift everyone’s mood. Here are some color ideas you can use in the living room to bring out your preferred taste.

1. Keep It Blue

Blueis a favorite color for many people, and you can use it to create a feeling of freshness in your living room. One approach is to combine several shades of blue that will result in a blend that carries across space. For example, you can use a mix of aqua, steely and mineral blue hues and temper this with a gloss white tv unit or white wall furnishing and curtains.

Alternatively, you can decide to blend the blue hues with brighter colors for some zest. For example, you can hang pink artwork on the blue walls to create harmony by contrast and make the overall design pop up and grab visitors when they first enter the room. Blue hues can also go well with white seats and pink throw pillows for a similar statement effect.

2. Go Neutral

Not every homeowner prefers a living room with a bold, statement color design. For such a crowd neutral colors offer more visual appeal. Grey is a staple choice when you want to make your living room neutral. It gives you room to furnish with vintage or modern furniture as it recedes into the background and leaves room for the furniture to be the centerpiece.

Neutral colors exude calm and can be a visual antidote to the stressful workday you may have had at the office. Use taupe to achieve this calming effect in your home while pairing it with clear glass items to accentuate its beauty.

Beige is another neutral color that can lend character to your living room when used the right way. The strength that beige possess is the ability to highlight the simplicity of the fabric you use. If you opt to use beige, then you should blend it with varied shades of white in the living room. You can do this by using white furniture like adding a gloss white tv unit for example.

3. Fade to Black

Black is not your typical living room color, and that is where its strength lies. If you desire a great living room color that will stun a visitor, then black is the choice for you. Its unexpected use will immediately hit someone in the face and whatever furniture you pair it with will stand out creating a dramatic effect. In a living room that spots some architectural highlights black will only accentuate them. You can contrast several other colors with black to create visual harmony that will not be quickly forgotten.


The living room plays a crucial role in bringing people together in the home, and as a result, you need to paint it in a way that speaks to your style. Different design preferences can make your living room stand out if well executed.

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