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Watch These 3 Movies to Get Stunning Landscaping Ideas

Movies have the power to inspire and help us realize the things that you have been wanting to accomplish. This is true if you’re looking for inspiration for remodeling your yard. Here are some films that have fabulous Brisbane landscaping designs that you can incorporate into your space:


If you are a sci-fi fan who loves nature, you can get landscaping ideas from this film. Juvet Landscape Hotel, the hotel where the film was shot, is made of paneled woods scattered throughout the woods.

You don’t need to be a tech-billionaire like Nathan (played by Oscar Isaac) to incorporate this design in your area. By placing big potted plants like focus, you can add greens to your yard. You can also have a shed with glass windows, like the one in the movie.

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland was shot in Antony House near Torpoint UK. The 18th-century mansion has well-designed gardens where you can take inspiration from. To recreate the look, install outdoor fixtures in your area. You can also add a different type of multi-shaped plants. There are many nurseries that sell plants that were cut in creative shapes, so you can easily redesign your yard.

The Choice

If you want to have a cozy yard for stress-free weekends, then you should imitate the landscape design of the property where the film was shot. Located in North Carolina, the yard that was used this movie is filled with timbre fixtures and large perennials.

Landscaping Considerations

Watch these films and incorporate the yard designs now. However, doing so, make sure to consider these things first:

  • Survey the Land – Before purchasing the greens to install in your area, you need to consider your space first. How liveable is it? You don’t want to install large plants in your area if it’s not spacious. It’s best to determine the size of the space, so you can know what needs to be done.
  • Consider the Climate/Environment – Before laying down your landscaping plan, you must first consider the climate or the environment of the place. Study the regional climate and the soil type of place where you will build your garden. By doing this, you will know what types of trees, shrubs or grasses to buy.
  • What’s the Purpose of the Design – It’s also important to know what the purpose of your landscape will be once it’s done. Is it a play space for kids? Then, include slides and colourful flowers. Is it a space for your pets? Then, make sure it has ample trees to bring them shade. Or if you just love gardening, plant your most favourite trees.
  • How will your plant’s function? – During the planning stages, you should also consider how your plants will function in your landscape. There are a wide variety of plants that offer various functions. For example, there are plants that provide delicious fruits and vegetables whilst there are others that provide beautiful scenery in your garden.

Plants that are properly placed can help enhance the environment in your garden. Temperature, wind and light levels can be altered by certain types of plants. When purchasing, ask the nursery owner if they have any suggestions. With this, you can prevent making expensive mistakes.

  • Look for cheaper materials – As much as you want your garden to be the best amongst your neighbours, you may also need to spend wisely. Consider cheaper options when buying plants and materials for your garden. Opting for recycled materials will not only save your budget but also allow you to contribute in saving the environment.

Look in the flea markets when it comes to furniture and hardscaping items. Even popular celebrities like Drew Barrymore love shopping in flea markets. So, you don’t have any reason why you shouldn’t do it.

  • Hire a Designer – It doesn’t make sense to enhance the look of your yard if you don’t have the material and expertise. There’s a chance that you may just ruin the look of the area. To prevent that, hire a designer. They can surely recreate the look you want in your space.

Gardeners in Perth carry out careful planning and designing. Aside from the plants and aesthetics, they will also consider the efficiency of the space. They won’t copy the design on the movies but, enhance it as well. For example, if the design doesn’t work on your space, they will improve the style to make it suitable for your area. They will consider your budget as well, so, you don’t need to break the bank.

Having a beautiful garden not only make your overall house stunning; it can also be an effective stress-reliever. Simply seeing the plants from afar can already make you relaxed. What’s more, these greens can also soften the structure of your house.

Do you know other movies that showcase beautiful yards? Share them with us by publishing them in the comments section.

Author: Carrie Sze

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