Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Versatility and Elegance with Cotswold Chippings

Cotswold Chippings are a stylish, captivating and cost-effective landscaping solution which gravel suppliers cite as a favourite with homeowners, professional designers, and landscapers.

You too can enjoy the many properties of this local and durable product. Gravel suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Hare Hatch, Tadley, Newbury, and Windlesham, hold large amounts of the 20mm option in stock. Suppliers can deliver to a site or you can take your chippings away with you. Benefit from a flexible, convenient service and product.

What makes Cotswold Chippings special?

Quarried in the Cotswolds; the chippings complement the existing landscape beyond your property’s perimeters with natural aplomb.

This stunning 20mm angular buff-yellow crushed garden gravel suits traditional, rustic, modern and muted design schemes.

Whilst not ideally suited to driveway applications because they are slightly crumbly, the Cotswold Chippings boast versatility; use them for paths, patios, entertaining areas, dining spaces, around features including ponds and as a mulch over pots and flowerbeds.

(Why not consider South Cerney Gravel for your driveway instead?)

Purchase loose amounts of Cotswold Chippings from gravel suppliers, 20mm half bulk bags of 450kg and 20mm gravel bulk bags of 900kg.  You can expect to pay just over £100 for a 20mm gravel bulk bag; around £60 for a half bulk bag.

14mm size Cotswold Chippings are not usually a stock item but gravel suppliers should be happy to place an order for you with manufacturers.

These chippings are not to be confused with the semi-rounded buff South Cerney Gravel or the Cotswold Buff, which doesn’t come from the Cotswolds, and may be sold as Old English Chippings; these are pale white-grey, unlike the true Cotswold Chippings.

Install with confidence

Gravel is one of the easiest landscaping materials to install. Preparation is key; by laying a weed membrane between the soil and the gravel, the weeds are unlikely to reach the ground level which means you can enjoy more leisure time without greenery poking through and ruining the aesthetics.

Similarly, a weed membrane with a strong framework attached which holds the Cotswold Chippings in a place like Core Path sheets maintains tidiness and weed control. The low cost of these products makes them a must-have unless weeding and raking gravel are your chosen pastimes.

How much do you need?

You may question how deep the Cotswold Chippings need to be around your property and the answer depends on the application involved. A minimum depth of 2-5mm, perhaps 10mm, for most paths is acceptable but driveways can demand a 50mm deep installation. Your local gravel supplier can help you calculate the correct amount for the installation and later top ups.

Please don’t wait until top ups are needed before you purchase the gravel for the task; saving Cotswold Chippings from the initial installation guarantees that any added at a later stage are from the same batch and won’t present colour or shading issues. You’d been surprised how glaring it can be when two different batches are placed together.

For a comprehensive and helpful experience talk to trusted local gravel suppliers today.

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