Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Types of Roofing That Can Help Change the Look of Your House

Are you confused about the type of roofing you require for your house? While building a house or retrofitting it, choosing the right type of roof is the most difficult task. We find it difficult because roofs not only serve the house by providing it protection but it also defines the overall look of the house. The roofs not only make the home resilient, energy efficient and protective of different weather, but it even provides the additional space for the occupants.

When constructing the roof the things that need to be considered include material, construction, and durability. The below guide will make you aware of the designs and styles of Toledo Roofing available and common materials that need to be used for the respective roofing.

  • Gable Roof:

These are also known as the pitched or peaked roof which is recognized by the triangular shape and is popular in the US. They help in providing more space for the attic and more ventilation. The simpler design makes them cheaper irrespective of other designs.

Such roofs can be covered with any type of material including the asphalt shingle, cedar shakes, metal, etc.

  • Hip Roof:

Such roof has slopes on all four sides. The sides are equal in length coming together to form a ridge. The quality that makes them better than gable roofs is that they are more stable the gable roofs. They even are better for both the wind as well as the snow areas. They are even able to provide extra living space with an additional crows nest.

Even they can be made with any type of material like the shingles, metal, etc.

  • Mansard Roof:

They are popularly known as French roof, this is basically a four-sided roof having a double slope on either side that further meet to form a low pitched roof.

Such roofs provide a great deal of space like an attic or a full quarter. These roofs are beneficial for those who want any future home additions.

  • Gambrel Roof:

This roof is much similar to the mansard roof as they both have double slope the only difference being Gambrel having two sides. They are a great idea for outdoor sheds and storage building.

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