Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

The Very Best Tips for Moving Home – Stress Free!

Moving home will inevitably become one of the most stressful times in your life. The amount of time, energy and effort that is required to successfully complete a move is truly staggering. Even with the help of trusted companies that deal with removals Bangor and the North Wales area, preparations for moving home can still be an incredibly daunting task.

But where do you start your preparations? If a friend or family member has recently moved home then the best place to start would be asking them to divulge their highs and lows to see if there are any mistakes you can avoid. But if you don’t know anyone who has recently moved, thankfully we have prepared a digestible list of tips for moving home.

First Things First –

Write everything that you need to do on a list. Having a to-do list with things that need checking off will prevent the smaller things from being forgotten. This could be bank account details, driving license or insurance details. All this information could all be jotted down in a single notebook or backed up onto a disc.

Changing Utility Companies –

Imagine moving into your new home only to realize you forgot to inform your utility provider of your recent move. Make sure to arrange to have your meters read on the day of moving to drastically reduce the risk of service interruption.

Change of Address –

Contacting places like your doctor, vet, dentist, and solicitor about your change of address in advance will save you a lot of potential and unnecessary stress further into your move.

More is More –

Having too much packing material is a far better situation to be in. If you total up the number of boxes that you are going to need, add another 3 or 4 to that amount. There is always a guarantee that something has been forgotten about during packing preparations that you will need to accommodate for. Also, having various sized boxes will help with packing efficiently.

Van Hire –

Once you have the total number of boxes you need, you will easily be able to determine the size of the van that you will need to hire. You may find that you only need to hire a smaller van than you may have initially thought. Contact your nearest removals company to get an accurate price for van hire.

Ask For Help –

If you do decide to move everything yourself, do not hesitate to ask for help from your friends and family. Moving heavy boxes can be potentially damaging; to your prized possessions and most importantly to yourself. There is absolutely no shame in needing a hand from loved ones.

Being prepared and efficient when moving to a new home can make the whole process quicker and easier. Having undamaged furniture and hot running water to come home to will surely ease any stress or headaches that may occur. Contacting a reliable and reputable removals company will be the best decision you will make for your move. Their help and expertise is worth every single penny of the cost.

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