Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

The Best Wood to Use for Construction or Home Improvement

When you are doing any construction or home improvement work, you should think about using the best wood that is available. The best wood to consider is ipe wood as it is the gold standard of all hardwoods. What makes this wood so great, is that this wood is naturally bug, fire, as well as resistant to weather.

Ipe Woods USA

Ipe woods USA sales this type of wood. Using tactical companies and/or purchasing large amounts of the wood to help them so that you can save your money on using this wood. As the #1 ipe online supplier, you will find the best in customer service as well as quality wood.

Brazilian walnut

Ipe wood is from South America. This lumber is perfect for building wood decking. Ipe wood can be used for decking tiles as well as other outdoor uses since ipe wood edifices are strong, and hard, and resistant naturally to abrasion, rot, as well as any type of weather. It’s about 2 times as thick as other woods and 5 times harder. It is a color that is almost dark brown, like mahogany, so not only lasts longer but has the beauty of interior fine wood. If ipe boards age the color can be brought back to its original shading with the use of pressure washer. Ipe lumber currently is very inexpensive and is a popular alternative to teak lumber.

Work with

Ipe is been rather hard to work with, particularly if you don’t have the correct tooling. It can have an effect that is blunting on edges, so it is recommended to pre-drilling for screws. Blades that are carbide-tipped need to be used, making it easier to cut. Ipe comes in lengths that are long, but planks don’t bend well. But it sands smoothly with no splintering. These boards can be “straight-line ripped”, and edges are able to ease and round, using tooling that is carbide.“ Biscuit joiners” also work best for grooving the fastener systems that are hidden. Ipe can glue quite well with most adhesives and it is advised to use caution when using a fastening or nail gun.

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