Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Introducing the Solution to Home and Office Pickup and Delivery Is Finally Here

A company has invented the solution to home and office pickup and delivery and are currently raising money on Crowd Funding. They are introducing three inventions that are being lauded by professionals in this industry as well as the media. These inventions provide a seamless and easy experience in sending and receiving all types of packages, and deliveries; safely, conveniently and securely on a 24/7 basis with no one having to be at the office or home to accept them, pay for them or stow them.

Industry and consumers

These serve industry, and consumers both in providing an easy and seamless experience in receiving or sending all kinds of packages and deliveries; without anyone having to be at the home or office to receive, pay or stow these. All these inventions will also be safe from Porch Pirates or Missed Deliveries.


Forbes Magazine says that these new creations are the “Solution” on a global scale and eCommerce alike. They are currently diligently working to bring these inventions to life. All of us have either experienced, seen on the nightly news or heard the theft of packages which these inventions will solve. These products are also the entrance to billions of dollars of new deliveries and business that the industry, as well as consumers, have been probing to make receiving distributions as seamless and easy as possible.

Two crowdfunding campaigns

Currently, they have two crowdfunding campaigns and in order to get these innovative products shipping now. There is no better place to begin the hunt to produce cool and clever innovations that are surprising and delightful. Indiegogo is where this way of delivery and pickup will be making their new launches.


These inventions are eDor, eBox, eTETHR these 3 separate inventions combine to solve every problem and issue in the e-commerce industry for home and office, for pick-up and delivery.

Family of products

These inventions are all part of the same ecosystem and family of products that interface together or a stand-alone product to solve most of the issues and problems currently facing the e-commerce industry and consumers alike.

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