Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Solar Electricity: Benefits for the Environment

Over the years, it’s fair to say there’s been an emphasis on solar energy and it’s been offered as a clean and sustainable’ solution. However, this is too general for our liking and it doesn’t provide enough information for those considering making the switch to solar electricity. Whether a business or a homeowner, why should you consider solar electricity? Below, we’ve listed the main benefits for the environment, and you can find additional benefits for converting residential properties to solar.

Less Water Pollution

Not many people know that traditional electricity sources can rely quite intensely on water. Why? Not only is water used for cooling generators, but it’s also used for transporting fuel (through pipes) and the process of refining fuel. When solar panels are used to generate electricity, no water is used at all and this is fantastic considering there’s a real risk of our freshwater stocks plummeting.

Of course, the solar panels will need to be cleaned but this can normally be done with rainwater!

Less Air Pollution

When we burn fossil fuels, our normal source of energy, we’re constantly sending both methane and carbon dioxide into the air. Unfortunately, these emissions are quickly decreasing air quality and contributing to global warming.

As you may have guessed, no greenhouse gases are produced with solar electricity. In the US, the solar capacity we currently have installed is believed to be enough to offset nearly 17 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each and every year (and we still have so much room to move into where solar energy is concerned, which is why we wanted to provide this important information!). You should also consider a home energy audit to evaluate unnecessary energy usage in your home. Combining this with solar panels can save you energy and money.

Less Demand for Finite Resources

Why has there been so much conversation regarding solar energy (and preventing the use of fossil fuels)? For many years, we’ve been relying on finite resources; this means there isn’t an endless supply and we’ll eventually run out if we keep up our current usage. Since solar energy is renewable, it essentially takes advantage of the sun and this will never stop burning away, we’re never going to run out of these resources.

A common misconception is that the sun doesn’t produce enough energy to cope with Earth’s demands. According to research, the sun can provide 173,000 terawatts of energy each second which is around 10,000 times above our combined energy usage. Not only can solar energy be used by all seven billion of us now, but it’ll also keep up with our demand for generations to come.

Currently, we have a supply of fossil fuels but this isn’t going to last forever. Soon enough, the supply will deplete and the cost of finding more will become staggering. Therefore, there’s a danger that our financial infrastructure will be hit just as hard as the environment.

Switching to Solar Electricity

In the years ahead, we need to have better control over the greenhouse gases we emit and this is something we just don’t have right now. Despite common belief, the greenhouse effect is actually a natural process and one that we need to keep the surface of the Earth at a comfortable temperature. However, our poor habits are leading to a warmer Earth than we need.

With solar electricity, no extra greenhouse gases are produced and the Earth will benefit from the removal of nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane; harmful substances that are currently suffocating our beautiful planet.

Moving away from the environmental benefits, choosing to go solar can also help to save families and businesses money. If we all strive to reduce our carbon footprint, we can regain control of our fossil fuel supply and rely on renewable sources instead!

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