Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Snow and Ice? Here’s How to Look after Your Composite Decking

More people than ever before have now got rid of their traditional decking and replaced it with composite deck boards, ensuring that they can enjoy their decking as much as possible whilst spending as little time as possibly maintaining it. The combination of polypropylene and hardwood used to create composite decking makes the board longer lasting, easier to install and easier to maintain, so it isn’t hard to understand why more people are now choosing the innovative decking product for their homes.

However, with winter on the way and a forecast of heavy snow, it is important that composite decking owners understand how to best look after their composite decking in snowy and icy conditions, and this is why we are here today. We are going to be providing just a few winter composite decking maintenance tips for all to take advantage of in the coming months.

Here goes:

Sweep it –

Before any snow arrives homeowner must ensure that they have swept their composite deck boards thoroughly, removing absolutely all debris including but not limited to fallen leaves and twigs, paying special attention to the spaces in-between composite deck boards. Composite decking should be swept using a firm bristled brush.

Stick to plastic –

Once the snow arrives you should ensure that you keep a clear walkway on your deck board, creating a path for you, your family and guests. When shoveling snow from your decking you should be sure to only use plastic shovels with plastic blades to avoid causing scratching and damage to your decking.

Just add salt –

When looking to remove ice from your board quickly you should use salt-based products whilst avoiding products containing sand. When out buying ice-melt for your decking you should look for phrases such as ‘safe for concrete’ and ‘safe for flagstones’.

These are only some of the tips to follow too – If you want to learn even more ways to look after your composite decking, simply get in touch with your supplier who will be happy to help you.

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