Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Saving your Prized Possession by Investing in Sofa Reupholstering

When you look forward to investing in sofa upholstery Dubai repairs, you should rest assured about considering the sentimental values and quality of furniture. These have been deemed important aspects to determine whether you should look forward to reupholstering your sofa set or purchase a new one.

In case, you wonder about the difference between the two options, the major difference would be the cost incurred. It has been a choice several people would come face to face at some point in time. The cozy sofa that you have spent years curling in must have lost its luster. The fabric might have been dirty and ripped in most places. However, it has been your favorite sofa. As a result, you do not wish to get rid of it that early.

What would you do to save it?

You would come across several important aspects to consider when looking forward to reupholstering the old sofa. However, the most important aspect has always been the cost incurred. Let us delve on whether having the old sofa reupholstered would cost you less than actually purchasing a new one.

  • Determining the Cost of Reupholstering

The cost of reupholstering would be dependent on the fabric and the work required to be done by the sofa upholstery Dubai Company. For instance, if you were to reupholster a single cushion, the cost would be significantly less than the cost incurred on reupholstering the entire sofa set.

The fabric would also derive the cost of reupholstering the sofa set. It would be based on the yards of fabric used for reupholstering job. It would also be based on the kind of fabric used for reupholstering. It could range for the plan, designer, and high-quality velvet fabric.

The amount of fabric used for reupholstering would also affect the cost of labor used. It is as simple as it is, more fabric implies more labor and hence more cost incurred.

  • Quality of the Furniture

You should consider keeping the sofa stuffed, provided the quality of the furniture has been strong. It implies the frame should be strong. It should be built to last more than 10 to 15 years. It would not b wrong to suggest that old furniture has been known to last a significant length of time, as compared to recently manufactured furniture that has been light in weight.

Apparently, it would be a better option to invest in reupholstering your sofa set by professional sofa upholstery Dubai Company.

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