Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Interior House Painting Tips: How to Choose the Best Colors

Have you ever wondered why people feel good in one place and uneasy in another? An Interior house painting professional or interior decorator will tell you that for 60% it’s a response to the colors. Color establishes the mood for a home’s interior and communicates how you want the room to feel and it’s easier to do than you think.

The following interior house painting tips will help you create the perfect setting in your own personal style.

Glossy Accents Redefine a Home

Add a touch of sophistication by using high-sheen paint to compliment any room. You can add a dash of style by just adding color to doors, crown moldings, baseboards, and other trim, creating glossy accents that can redefine your home.

The Foyer’s Color Matters

Foyer’s are all about first impressions, so why not create a welcoming transition with paint. With the help of a professional interior painting professional and the right paint, you can give all that enter a sneak peek of what’s inside. The available color palettes are vast depending on your tastes and can range from a sunny, bright shade, to blues, soft greens, etc., with coordinated accent colors.

The Kitchen

Choose a color that is appealing, but neutral enough that you won’t get tired of it. If your tastes lean toward white in the kitchen, consider using subtle, varying shades like cream or alabaster, highlighting special features with an accent color says Bob Pergolotti of Fairfield House Painters.

Dining Room

Whether you want to go soft elegance or super bold, there are a lot of ways to make a dining room look less boring. Basically, any color hue will work with the right accent colors and decorative, artistic touches. (Artwork, a chandelier, etc.)

Living Room

Light and airy, or bold and bright – there isn’t a wrong interior paint color choice for the living room. It’s all depends on the mood you want to set. A soft, pale blue can create a calming environment, while a bright blue would add life to space. Popular color palettes for the living room include jade green, different shades of turquoise and charcoal gray for a unified and stylish look.


With the right bedroom setting, even the most demanding days can turn into peaceful ones when you head off to bed. A nice dusty blue, or sage green, along with a light accent color will help create a “Zen” like the atmosphere in the bedroom.

Kids Bedrooms

Because their tastes will change, create a child’s bedroom that they’ll be able to live with for a while. Choosing a color palette you both agree on can be challenging, but finding one your child can grow into can be even harder. The most important thing to keep in mind is to find a choice that is fun, but that will stand the test of time.


Make the bathrooms appealing places to relax, especially the master bathroom. Whether you want a cheerful place to start off the day or are looking to create a spa-like atmosphere, there’s a color palette for you.

When it comes to interior house painting, especially challenging spaces, it pays to hire professional house painters. They’ll be able to provide knowledgeable advice that can make the process a lot easier. Their experience and knowledge will make it possible for you to avoid “do-overs” because you’ll be able to pick the perfect paint color and type the first time around. Regardless of the room, aesthetic, or shade, you’re looking for, they’ll be able to share ideas and provide valuable advice.

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