Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

How to Use a Masonry Saw

Masonry saws are used to cut stone, brick, and concrete. To do that, the saw has to have a very powerful motor and blade and you, therefore, need to be extra careful when using it to ensure you don’t injure yourself. It is therefore very important to learn how to use a masonry saw safely. You need to know the correct way to hold the saw, how to use it to cut and what safety equipment to use. In this post, we share with you a step by step process to help you effectively use a masonry saw.

Step 1: The Preparation

The first step in using a masonry saw is checking the fuel. Most saws found at home will use a mix of gasoline and two-stroke oil. You might want to check, the manual to know the proportions you need for mixing them and then follow the guidelines.

Still in the preparation stages, you may want to see about getting safety gear before using the saw. Look for and wear safety glasses that are not made of glass to avoid injuring your eyes from the fragments that will be flying around when you are working. Wear a dust mask to protect your throat, gloves to keep your hands safe and steel toe boots to protect your toes should the saw accidentally fall. You may also want to protect your ears since masonry saws can be very loud.

Step 2: Starting the Saw

Before you begin the actual cutting, you need to use some chalk box and chalk line on the material you want to cut as a guide. This will ensure that you end up with a clean cut that is straight and accurate. Once the masonry is marked for cutting and the saw is on the ground, turn it away from you and then switch it “On.” Then take the knob for the throttle control and move it back to the choke position.

If the saw has a primer, you can press it to inject fuel to increase rapid starting. With the saw still on the ground, pull the cord to start the engine and then switch the throttle control to “Run” to begin the cutting process.


Step 3: The Actual Cutting

To proceed with the actual cutting process, keep the saw in front of you. Hold the saw tight, but keep your index finger on the throttle control, maintaining pressure so the saw is at full power. Line the blade with the masonry, but don’t press it, let it go in of its own accord. All you need to do is keep the saw at full power and ensure that it stays straight on the markings you’ve made in the masonry. Trying to turn or twist the blade can cause it to warp and become useless to you or in worse cases, even break the blade.

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Step 4: Completing the Cut

Once everything is aligned, move forward with the cut, allowing the blade to do all the work. Always keep the cut away from you and keep a firm grip on the masonry saw at all times, raising and lowering it as needed until you complete the cut. Do not let go of the trigger until the saw is all the way through the masonry.


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