Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

How Does a Burglar Alarm Work?

You are less likely to have a break-in if you have a well-fitted, functioning burglar alarm. This is because they provide early warning of intruders on your property, making them a staple for many homeowners today. It also helps that there are so many burglar alarm systems to choose from, making them highly affordable.

One of the major benefits of burglar alarms is that they facilitate a speedy response to the burglary by alerting people in the vicinity that security has been compromised and a crime may be in progress. Whether you live in a really safe neighborhood or one that makes you nervous at night, understanding how a burglar alarm system works is the best way to feel safe at home.

What is a Burglar Alarm System?

A burglar alarm system is usually made up of a series of electrical components that are connected to the property. The electrical components use sensors and contacts to detect any movement such as opening and closing of doors. When this movement is detected, the system will produce a loud noise to alert those in the vicinity of the unauthorized entry.

Burglar alarms can have multiple applications and are found in residential homes and garages, storage facilities, industrial zones including offices, factories and warehouses and even commercial properties like shops, hotels, and restaurants.

How a Burglar Alarm Works

Before we describe how a burglar alarm system works, it is important to note that there are different burglar alarm systems in the market, designed for different purposes. Generally, these systems will work in a similar way. But most alarms will work in the following series of steps or something similar;

  • When someone opens a door or window, the door or window sensors detect the contact with the door or window frame.
  • When this contact is disturbed, the alarm’s circuit is broken and the alarm’s countdown is triggered.
  • If the alarm code is not keyed-in, the alarm will sound thereby alerting people that there is a possible intrusion.

Burglar Alarm Features and Components

All burglar alarm systems will have similar features that include motion sensors. These motion sensors are often placed in strategic places around the home to detect motion. Along with the sensors, an alarm system will have a control panel that is linked to the sensors. This panel allows users to activate or deactivate the alarm by entering a numbered code. There are alarm systems that integrate with smart phones. These can be remotely activated or deactivated using an app.

This system is then connected to an eternal siren or bell, often located outside the property. There is also an internal sounder that alerts occupants in the building that there had been a breach. These alarms are also very useful in that they can often serve to deter intruders. For this reason, a neighborhood with enough burglar alarms often experiences reduced crime rates.

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