Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

How Can You Tell that Your Windows Need to be Replaced?

As everything in our homes, windows have their own lifespans too. Occasionally, we must repair or replace loose frames or scratched glass. Avoiding window replacement when it is necessary can lead to damages you least imagined such as termite problems and extremely high energy bills.

Here are some warning signs that your windows are aging badly and need to be replaced:

Poor Sound Isolation

If outside noise such as dogs, cars, and the wind is getting louder and clearer then you may have sound isolation problems. Quality and energy efficient windows who are still doing their job right, absorb these sounds and barely let them enter your home. If you have a triple pane window and you are still clearly hearing your neighbors than you may have to consider window replacement.

Window Leaks

Window leaks usually are caused by decaying frames, bad installation or improper window size. If it’s snowy or rainy then small water pools appear below your window. Do not ignore this and wait for the winter or spring season to be over. Leaky windows can lead to severe mold issues and wall cracks.

Temperature Problems

If you cannot warm up your room in the winter or keep it cool in the summer then you should definitely check your windows. This is a common situation for older homes in which the windows have reached their maximum life span. Also, older homes usually have single pane, wooden frame windows which are the worst when it comes to proper insulation.

Difficult to Control

Difficulty while opening and shutting your windows is a sign for window replacement. This means that they either aren’t properly installed, have been exposed to rot and mold, or have been painted over badly. By having properly functioning windows, you ensure the safety and the proper insulation of your home.

High Energy Bills

It isn’t difficult to conclude that poor insulation and window leaks can lead to higher energy bills. By having a room that is more difficult to heat up or cool down you must spend more electricity in maintaining the desired temperature. This means that if you replace your windows today, you will have a significantly decreased energy bill the next month.

Other Ways of Checking

There are easy, quick ways you can determine if your windows need replacing. Check for regular frostbites or condensation on your windows. Touch your window glass, if it’s extremely hot in the summer or extreme cold in the winter, then the window isn’t doing its job properly. Check if the area around your window feels much cooler than the other areas in your home. Also, check for condensation between the glass panes. If you notice any of these, then call an expert to determine the exact problem with your windows.

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