Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

How can Solid Walls be Insulated?

As a homeowner, you might be in the process of feeling the winter chill kicking. When the heating is going on a lot to fight those winter chills at night, you might see an increase in your monthly energy bills. However, as winter goes on, you might notice that your bills are a touch more expensive than you would have wanted. In a bid to help you get around that issue, you should consider getting insulation.

Insulation will help to keep the heat in and to maintain the cool air during the summer. It helps to make your home more comfortable in the winter, and less uncomfortable during the summer. However, you might have a home that has solid walls – how can solid walls be insulated?

Most solid wall homeowners presume they are not able to get the right kind of solid wall insulation. They think it is not possible in the first place. With the right solid wall insulation experts, though, there is nothing that cannot be done.

With solid walls, you can easily have insulation included to help make sure the walls no longer allow your home to waste energy.

Internal solid wall insulation

You have two options when it comes to solid wall insulation, and one of them includes an internal installation. Internal solid wall insulation is usually used on the outside, but indoor treatments are possible in the right kind of circumstance, so it will depend on your home.

Some people prefer to go for internal insulation as the home might be a listed building. Making external changes to a listed building can be very hard indeed. You might also have recently put a new façade on the exterior of your home and wish to keep it in top condition.

Insulation systems will be used to help make sure you are left with total protection, though. You will find that this option makes the most sense if you want to retain the more classic, antiquated style outside of the home without having to put up with cold winters.

External solid wall insulation

Of course, the other option that you could go for would include using external installations. These are much more effective in many ways and gives the whole home a major facelift outside. It will make sure it looks modern and attractive on the exterior whilst still retaining the look inside that you had wanted to keep in the first place.

Installation is a professional experience and one that should take place only by professionals. With solid wall insulation so hard to fit conventionally, working with people who can do the job without any issues is a huge time and stress saver. You can, though, make it easier on yourself by working with a professional from a decision-making point of view.

With professional insulation installation, you can soon make sure your walls look great whether you get the work done inside or outside. The end result is always the same, though: cozier winters, comfier summers, and cost-effective energy bills!

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