Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

How best to get rid of annoying mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are the kamikaze flyers among insects. Mosquitos love tourists because they smell so good. Just in the evening when you go to the gala dinners with gel in your hair and the fragrance of your perfumes and soaps, the mosquitoes on the other side of the buffet are in a lurking position. Swamps are the natural home of these insects while man-made lagoons in hotel complexes are man-made mosquito protection areas. Are the architects who plan something like that crazy? No, they do not usually come from the area. They sit in air-conditioned penthouse floors somewhere far from the action, far from the sting.

Mosquitoes – bad for everyone and good for nothing

Mosquitoes are outlaw creatures. There is nobody on this planet who wants to protect them because no one can explain what they are there for. Every animal, every beast, even the rat and the shark are good for something because they are bad for something else. It’s called the ecological balance. The mosquito is bad for all and not good for anything and so it is believed that they were not created by God. They are the fighter squadron of hell. Like the vampires they want blood and they only want it at night. When the day starts, they are gone.

Friends and helpers

Spiders and geckos eat mosquitoes. The former are roommates of equally blameless reputation, the geckos are super cute pets. They look a bit weird at first and even disgusting for some tastes because they’re so naked, so reptilian and you’d think they’re falling off the ceiling or the wall they’re sticking to at any moment. You can alternatively think of mosquito control Connecticut that is mobile, silent, odorless and easy to clean. The gecko is a reptile with manners but the best thing is what they do with the mosquitoes. From the victim’s perspective, it looks like a wet sticky tongue about two hundred times larger than the insect suddenly shoots out of the wall with a monkey tooth and licks it away.

Conclusion: the best suggestion

In the evening quickly turn off the lights and you are already protected from the annoying mosquitoes. If you believe in it, unfortunately, you will quickly end up with annoying bites. There are a number of tips that really help against mosquitoes and their unpleasant stings. Closing the window helps rather than making out the light. In addition, with mosquito nets and the power of the plants, you can get along well with the little tormentors. Mosquitoes are magically attracted to light. One had to turn off the lights in the evening and be safe from mosquito bites. Unfortunately, this is not correct. The reason why the mosquitoes come to the apartment in the evening is their night activity.

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