Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

What must you take into account before hiring the professional aircon maintenance service?

It is always a good feeling to get home and avoid the scorching heat given by the weather and just lay on your coach with a nice and cool environment provided by a well-working air conditioner. However, this comfort has a price to it, and that involves cleaning and maintaining an air conditioner unit well, and this is usually done well by a professional air conditioning service provider.

Failure to properly maintain the appliance can lead to a number of problems, such as increased energy consumption, a shorter service life of parts and need for parts replacement, and even the proliferation of fungus and bacteria that can be harmful to one’s health.

Why it is important?

Inside the home, the user can clean the air conditioner once a month, and once a year a qualified technician should do a more thorough cleaning and sanitation of the appliance. In some cases, it may be necessary to clean the air-conditioning filter every two weeks. Well-sanitized air conditioners also reduce the emission of pollutants and improve air quality for the whole family. It is always good to remember that cleaning should also be done during periods of idleness, i.e. even for those who do not use the equipment in the warm function during the winter.

Cleaning air conditioning filter is simple and necessary

To clean an air conditioner filter, first, open the front cover of the unit. Next, perform a general cleaning using only a dry, clean cloth to remove dust from the appliance. With the front panel open, the filter will be left exposed. Proceed on to remove it carefully. You must use only running water to clean the air conditioning filter. The water must be turned in the opposite direction to the air inlet. Also, clean the pre-filter by carefully removing and washing it carefully in the same way.

Allow the filter to dry naturally or tapping gently to remove excess water. You can also dry it gently with a soft, clean cloth. Replace the pre-filter and the filter in the appliance by carefully fitting it. Close the front panel and wipe the unit from the outside with a soft dry cloth. Anyone can clean the air-conditioning filter, but one thing that is never too much trouble is to take the plug out of the socket every time you clean or maintain it.

Extra care extends air-conditioning life

Always remember the factory manual, where companies make available the characteristics of the product and any specific care that must be taken in relation to the model. Preventive maintenance which is a more thorough cleaning should only be carried out by specialized technicians. The internal parts of the appliance are also cleaned. Always keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioner is in use unless you also use an air curtain.

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