Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

Giant Umbrellas Canopy for Outdoor Décor Piece

Patios are best enjoyed when you stay cool and under the shade, keeping you off from the harmful UV rays from the sun. While some people would want a permanent structure in their patio through patio awnings, others would rather have giant umbrellas canopy/canopies instead to complete their outdoor décor.

Canopies come in a wide array of styles and sizes to suit your preferred patio look; there are also various forms and shapes that you can choose from. But how do you actually know which one is perfect for you?

Here’s a guide to help you:

Size of the umbrella. As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of giant umbrella sizes to choose from. To pick which one would suit your patio best, you need to first find out how much space do you actually need for the canopies to occupy? And of course, how much are you willing to spend for your giant umbrellas canopy. Picking an oversized umbrella may be too overwhelming in your patio, especially if you have very limited space. Typical umbrella canopy size go about 2 feet on each side of your dining table.

Pole height. It’s also important to factor in how high your giant umbrellas canopy would go. You need this in case you have guests who are taller comeover and visit your place. The average height of most canopies is at least 7 feet tall.

Base of the umbrella. Your umbrella’s base is one of the most important factors to consider when getting an umbrella canopy for your patio. If the base is too light, it won’t be able to hold the umbrella long enough; the wind will fly it. For smaller umbrellas, the suggested weight for the base is 20 lb., however, the minimum weight for free-standing umbrellas is 40 lb. Free-standing umbrellas can be used for tables up to 7.5’ width. For tables longer than that, there are bases that weigh 50 lb. The most free-standing giant umbrellas canopy though would have a base that weighs more than 70 lb. If you live in a rather windy area, you may want to get a cantilever outdoor giant umbrellas canopy.

Type of umbrella. Not only do canopies come in different sizes, height, and weight; they also come in various types. There are tilting umbrellas that you can adjust the angle as the sun moves; cantilever umbrellas, which are similar to tilting umbrellas, only, they offer increased flexibility. Cantilever umbrellas are very sturdy too that they can handle harsh weather. Table and free-standing umbrellas work well for dining tables located in poolside. They’re lighter compared to cantilever umbrellas.

Fabrics. In choosing the fabric of your canopies, the key things to consider are its durability – they should be UV-resistant, waterproof fabrics. It’s also nice to have those with breathable designs. For extra protection (if you have the extra budget), you may opt for fiberglass umbrellas.

There are just a few things to help you pick which giant umbrellas canopy will work perfectly for your patio improvement.

By Rechelle Barraquias

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