Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Get Your Boiler Inspected at Least Once A Year in Sheffield

Although boiler service in Sheffield is usually seen as an expense that is unnecessary, having your boiler regularly serviced is vital for 3 main reasons:

  • Safety – When your boiler isn’t properly functioning it can be releasing fumes of carbon monoxide that are deadly. During your servicing the engineer will check for any leaks to be certain that it’s safe;
  • Dependability – Boilers are most likely to develop problems or breakdowns. By having it serviced regularly, your boiler will decrease any chances of expensive maintenance issues;
  • Proficiency – If boilers are not serviced at least once every year, they will “soot-up”, meaning that the boiler will workless proficiently, and will use more fuel to keep an even temperature. Throughout servicing the engineer will clean all the soot out as this will make the boiler more cost-effective and efficient.

Boiler service includes

While the boiler is being serviced, the engineer checks to ensure your boiler is working properly, as well as test for efficiency and safety of this system. Servicing an oil boiler will take about one hour, during that time the engineer will:

  • Inspect visually the boiler as well as all associated pipes to ensure that they conform to the most current standards for safety;
  • Clean and inspect the flue;
  • If needed clean or replace the “oil filters” as well as oil nozzle;
  • Will check with a flue gas analyzer to check the combustion to make certain it is burning correctly;
  • Check the pipe for supply for any leakage signs;
  • Remove casing of the boiler in order to clean components internally like the heat exchanger and the burner;
  • Ensure that your boiler is efficiently operating to keep bills for fuel down;
  • Test systems of safety to ensure that they all are working correctly (this means thermostats, pressure relief valves, as well as devices for burner lockout);
  • Ask you about experiencing any problem with the boiler;
  • Turn the boiler on in order to check that all is working as it should.

Repairs for Oil Boiler

They will also do another “call out for repair service” for any interruptions to Boilers that burn oil. All engineers are registered and qualified by OFTEC to pledge you get the exact high service you have always expected from Sheffield.

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