Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Find out how George G Couri room rugs can instantly transform your space

Believe it or not, a proper rug can effortlessly transform your room. A rug can change the look and mood of the place. Along with that it also has various benefits like warming your home or reducing noise. Homes don’t come carpeted and hence many people purchase rugs for their floors. Rugs can intensify the style of the room, and have the ability to hide the flaws. Everyone should at least style their home with the rug. You don’t need a very huge budget to switch your flooring, simply adding rugs to floors can change the entire look. Materials of rugs vary from sisal, jute to hand-woven Textiles and vintage. Finding the best quality carpet can make your task manageable, and Brands like Courtisan by George G Couri offers the best quality in the room rugs. In this article, you will get ideas about how rugs can completely change your space.

1) Lighten a dark room

Laminate floors or dark hardwood are popularly used in contemporary homes. But they drain a lot of light from spaces like corridors without windows. A rug with a lighter tone will break up this Dark side. It will provide you with the best mix of richness and fairness.

2) Its versatility will give an eye-catching look

Shaggy or flat woven, jute or sisal- there is a rug for every space. There is a never-ending range in rugs. Wool shag rug suits best with Cocktail table and Italian sofas, whereas textured and homey rugs can be placed in the spacious living rooms. Persian rugs with the color red, black, pink, and gold look good in office.

3) Creates a soft luxurious surface underfoot

Rugs can be used in different areas of the room. You can keep on changing the theme as per your wish. They can be repositioned or removed completely. It gives you a soft and luxurious feel underfoot. Choose a rug as the basis of a color scheme in a room.

4) Enhance the decor

Small pattern rug in black, white and grey make the dining table, couch, coffee table, and reading nook look more harmonious. A custom floral rug compliments an array of upholstery in a similar soft palette.

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