Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Factors to consider when buying amana ptac units for sale

The full form of PTACs is packaged terminal air conditioners which are a combined self-contained through the wall heating and air conditioning unit. Mostly found in motels and hotels, PTAC units are helpful for a vast range of applications such as nursing homes, apartments, dorms, sunrooms, offices etc. Commercial grade dependability and guarantees make these a safe choice for any use.

While in general, amana ptac units for sale offer quite similar features and benefits, but there are a few main factors to keep in mind when your search for the best PTAC, some of which are explained below:

  • The cost is the most obvious factor to consider when buying a PTAC. The higher costs are typically associated with units that offer more power and can hence cool a larger space. In some cases, a higher price tag comes with a brand name that is known for dependability. In addition to the price of the unit, you need to consider the cost of necessary accessories. In order to install a PTAC, you need an external grill and a wall sleeve. Besides this, like all heaters and air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners need some serious energy to do their job. You should, therefore, consider how much your chosen PTAC is expected to cost you in energy bills for each month of use. A model that is more energy efficient may well be worth some additional money upfront.
  • One of the nice advantages of PTAC is that they are comparatively easy to install. If you or someone in your home is versatile, you can almost certainly get away with not spending anything additional on installation. In case you are installing a PTAC in a space that has not had one before, you do need to drill a hole in the wall. However, in case you find this task a little complicated you can definitely seek the assistance of HVAC specialist as they can help to get the PTAC installed in absolutely no time.
  • You shouldn’t buy any type of PTACs without thinking about the energy it will use. Certainly, bringing a PTAC into your home where there was not one earlier will mean increased energy bills. Certain packaged terminal air conditioners will provide improved energy efficient than other models. If you choose to go for a heat pump instead of electric heat, the unit will use a bit less energy. Higher BTU’s will also unsurprisingly use higher amounts of energy than units with a smaller amount. You can also check the EER rating or energy efficiency ratio, for instance, a higher EER means that the PTAC is more competent and will help you attain cheaper energy bills for equivalent results.
  • Plug type is another most important factor to consider when buying a PTAC unit. Voltage and amperage are two parts of plug type. The thumb rule is that the higher the amperage the higher the heating capacity. Packaged terminal air conditioners can be plugged into a receptacle or the unit can be connected to the building’s wiring permanently.

These are some of the vital points that you must know when buying a PTAC unit.

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