Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Choosing a Water Purifier System for your home

Water and food are the basic and key elements for a healthy life. Without food, you can survive for some days but without water, you can’t imagine your days. Water acts as a catalyst for carrying out most of the mechanisms in our body. Water is important because our body requires water to perform its functions well. Here, I am talking about healthy water. Past several years ago, people used to drink healthy water because of no industrialization at that time but as we are growing towards the advancement, it is impossible to have the pure water from the direct resources. Obviously, impure water results in several problems which are known and several problems which are still unknown.

A huge number of diseases results due to the ingestion of impure water. Pregnant mothers are not allowed to drink the impure water because impure water consists of several unknown metals and compounds which can be harmful to the unborn baby. Similarly, lactating mothers are not allowed to drink the impure water because it can lead to several defects within the baby. This is the only reason why the water purification has been converted into a billion dollar industry.

So as to have pure water at their end, people used to spend a thousand dollars on purchasing clean water bottled from the market to cook and drink at home. But till how long you can rely on the bottled water? This is the only reason for the availability of the water purifier. After looking at the increased popularity of water purifier among the population, the number of water purifier manufacturers are increasing just like anything. But it is complete stupidity to rely on every purifier dealer.

A Water purifier is when the tap water filtered through 4 different core filtration and came out to drinkable purified water without any chemicals, sediment, taste, and odor (Check out core filtration here). The 3 mechanisms are 3 different Model of water purifier. They work the same. Internally has 4 cores filtration, just different style model. Depending on the design, water purifier Malaysia has divided it into 2 types which is table top and full height. With the developing time, the variety of water purifier is going to develop and you can choose any one for you.

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