Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Not only a Panda snack but Bamboo can also be as soft as silk and healthy at the same time – Here’s bringing you the perfect material to add to your bedding today!

Retiring to a soft, comfortable, clean bed with the right kind of bedding at the end of the day can be ethereal for anyone on the face of the Earth. For a great luxurious and comfortable sleep, there are many essentials which are required along with the base of your bed. Layer your bed with extras, provide a few extra goodies and teat your bed with great care. Bamboo sheets, in recent years, has become increasingly popular, partly for its eco-friendliness and partly for its silky comfort.

Since bamboo is a relatively new material for bedding here is a list of the pros and cons of bamboo as a material for your regular bedding sheets and covers


Comfort –

Basically, people search for brand new bedding for they are bored of sinking into the same old mattress which generally becomes hard after a few years. Bamboo which is organic has unique advantages over ordinary cotton bedding materials. Natural bamboo is incredibly soft as a bedding material, in fact, the incredible strength of its fibers make it often better than cotton as the bedding choice.

Eco-Friendly –

Organic bamboo is healthy and naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo reduces the amount of moisture in between the fibers of the bedding which in turn subtracts the microorganisms which would breed otherwise.

Durability –

Premium bamboo stretched across the entire length comes to be more powerful and robust than the conventional cotton fibers. Interwoven strongly, the fibers of bamboo are less likely to be torn than the cotton ones.

Clean as ever –

Bamboo sheets are non-absorbent of oils, any liquid or sweat which keeps it comparatively cleaner than other fibres. The quality of bamboo being non-absorbent of skin oils or sweat prevents the regular bedding to stop it from turning grey.

So there we have it, all the various benefits of using bamboo as a bedding. Become a part of the new environmental friendly movement by only supporting the use of natural products.

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