Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

7 Random things found down the side of my modular lounge suite

Every time we sit on the couch, it seems as though our pockets open up and empty their contents down every possible crevice in the lounge. Standing up after a long viewing of horrible soap operas, I’m usually found fishing out my keys and wallet from the side of my lounge after an attempted escape. However, in this act of retrieving, I have found some questionable items that for some; I just couldn’t help sharing.

 1. A Very Dead Cockroach

The reason I’m starting off with this one, is because it made me that squeamish, that it marked the point where I threw out my old modular lounge suite and had a serious look at my cleaning regime. If this has made your skin crawl and you’re in need of a new lounge, you can get comfy this Christmas season with a modular lounge suite from Domayne Australia.

2. “Toy” Handcuffs

With the Zaina Fabric Modular suite, you can enjoy the luxury of reclining back in comfort with pocket spring and foam cushioning. A feature like this led me to my next discovery. Upon reclining his seat, a pair of handcuffs slipped out of my partner’s footrest. As questioningly and thrilled as my partner looked at me as he pulled the handcuffs out of the side of our suite, I was able to show him that they did indeed belong to my niece who loved playing Cops and Robbers.

3. Monopoly Notes

Funnily enough, not once have I found some forgotten profits in my couch. The closest I got was a couple of Monopoly notes which had tallied to a couple of hundred dollars…if only!

4. An Ex’s Credit Card

While I’m not a horrible person, I had hit the jackpot upon finding my ex’s credit card.  I spent a disappointing amount of time considering going on a pay wave spending spree for some metal accessories to complement my modular suite. The Cambria Fabric Modular Lounge screams to be styled with minimalistic industrial pieces to enhance the beautiful powdered aqua hue. However, I ended up cutting my ex some slack and snipped his card up – he had put up with me for 3 years to be fair.

5. A Fork

Unfortunately for me, not only did I find that my cleaning regime had not improved one bit, I discovered this fork as I sat down in the middle of my couch and let’s just say…I needed a few days for a full recovery.

6. A Full Pack of M&M’s

After a night of a bit more than a few glasses of wine, I had cleared out the pantry and sat happily on the couch watching movies with my nephew munching away on my haul. After he came back from the pantry scratching his head wondering where his M&Ms were, I thought it was quite possible that I had eaten them in my binge. Helping him look for them when I knew I had probably scoffed them down, he went to bed without dessert. A month later, a full packet of M&M’s were drawn out from my sofa and while I still felt guilty, I didn’t stop myself from enjoying them that night during my movie marathon. The Modular Lounge with Recliner – the perfect addition to any movie, features an adaptable formation to work to any living room. Laden with beautiful upholstered cushions and my packet of M&M’s I was in for a great night of viewing.

7. My Cat

After trying to find where my cat was hiding one day, I was sure he had run away or gotten stuck when he still hadn’t appeared after I shook his kibble box. After he became frustrated that he was missing out on dinner, a small meow was heard to give up his position. He was soon repossessed from in between two cushions of my modular suite.

After first becoming frustrated at the amount of times that I would lose my keys and wallet down the side of my lounge, I’ve come to realise that it can be a bit of fun fishing out various items that find their way in our lounges. When a beautiful lounge with functionality and comfort provides my home with elegant style, I don’t mind having to reclaim my belongings every now and again…even if it is a very dead cockroach.

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