Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

5 Top Tips for Novice Gardeners

Gardening can be very difficult especially if you have newly acquired the hobby. There are a lot of things involved, not to mention the terminology that you have to remember and understand. Terms like “perennial”, “annual”, “germination” and “overwintering” can be confusing. But there are tips that can come in handy even if it is your first time and you’re yet to get a grip on these terms. The following are the top 5 garden tips to keep in mind;

1. Avoid Overwatering Your Plants

The biggest mistake novice gardeners make is overwatering the plants, causing them to wilt. Most people believe that watering your plants is caring for them and it may be. But when you are overzealous with the watering, you could inadvertently kill your plants. The key here is to remember that if the soli feels damp, you don’t need water and if the soil feels dry or rusty, it is time to water.

2. Look at Your Growing Space

You may also want to consider the amount and type of space you have for your garden. If you only have a balcony, large containers can be used to grow vegetable plants. If all you have is a windowsill, you may want to consider growing dwarf varieties since they require less space. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, pay attention to the sunny and shady spaces as they will determine the kinds of plants you can grow.

3. Pay a Little Attention

Once your plants begin to grow as you continue to give them the attention they need, you will soon see how rewarding gardening can be. Try to take a look at your plants and their progress every day. Doing this will not only help you get ahead of any potential problems that could occur but also gives you the best way to learn about your plants.

4. Take Leaves from the Top of Herbs to Keep them Bushy

If you are growing herbs, look for the tiny leaf nodules that grow on the stems and cut them as well as the leaves that grow above them. This process is known as “pinching” and encourages new leaves to grow outwards, rather than upwards. This will give you a beautiful ad bushy herb garden.

5. Get Rid of Tired Looking Flowers

If you want to keep your flowers blooming perfectly, you should remove tired looking flowers. If you don’t do this, the plant will put more energy into producing more leaves which means you will not have beautiful blooms. It is also a good idea to remove the brown, yellow or crispy looking leaves. Their appearance means that they are not getting enough sunshine and removing them will mean that the plant replaces them with green leaves. Greener leaves will ensure that the plant as a whole is healthier and your flowers will bloom effortlessly and beautifully.

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